Silent Hill, a masterpiece of horror

I can hear them calling to me from hell

Silent Hill 3 Environments 

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I’m a firm subscriber to the “PH’s helmet is literally his head, there is nothing ‘under’ it” idea, but that big fleshy sack that bulges out from the back got me thinkin’.

If Pyramid Head DID have a head under there, what would it look like?

Probably not a hot dude with a scar.

Cetacean beats bishounen. Vote Octohead 2014.

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I’m aware I haven’t updated this blog in months but look we have to talk about this “guys with stubble and brown hair that swooshes a little over the left eye” thing because I don’t know how long I can keep this up

(I’m also aware he’s based on an actual actor so maybe it’s not fair but please… just no more hair swoosh.)

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Silent Hill + Text Post Meme

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Bonus “Where is Heather” version.

Blood-World / Daniel Licht


Blood World - Silent Hill Book Of Memories